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Top 4 Satellite Towns Near Nairobi Where Land Costs Less Than Sh800k

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Land in Nairobi is expensive and the cost keeps going up by the day. In fact, this high cost has locked many Kenyans in the middle-income class from prime areas closest to Nairobi.

But that has not extinguished the dream of many Kenyans of having a plot and building a home of their taste. Or just getting fairly priced land to speculate on.

Getting affordable land in an area with promising returns and other conditions that support settlement and business is about as hard as finding a genuine real estate company to deal with.

Towns with affordable land

Those who check around carefully have discovered the remaining gem in property in Nairobi: Kangundo Road. This stretch has made dreams come true for thousands of people and it seems to generously create more space for others.

In this article, we expound on the areas that most people from Nairobi prefer to invest in when it comes to land. Well, Kangundo Road is one of the fastest-growing property investment destinations among routes connecting Nairobi to the outskirts.

The main reason is the affordable land rates along the route and outlying areas. This has stimulated the growth of a number of urban centres along the road, which have turned out to be lucrative real estate investment hubs on the eastern side of Nairobi.

Some of the major towns in the area include.

1. Ruai Town

Ruai is the first town from the bypass junction along Kangundo road leading to Machakos. Being among the first areas that people started investing in, Ruai has grown into a major town, making its environment suitable for setting up a business and rental houses. It’s also ideal for building a family home as you move away for the town centre. Although land rates have gradually gone up Ruai town is a gateway to other towns like Kamulu.

2. Kamulu Town

Located just after Ruai as you move eastwards, Kamulu town is the other upcoming urban centre along Kangundo Road. Unlike Ruai, Kamulu is more of a residential area, making it suitable for settling a family. Compared to Ruai, land in Kamulu is more affordable whereby a 50*100 can range from Ksh1.1 million to Ksh2.5 million, depending on the distance from the tarmac.

3. Joska Town

Being the third stop from the bypass junction, Joska has shown immense growth over the years. From Kamulu, the town is the first one under Machakos County. Having the proposed eastern bypass cut between it, the town is a prime area to invest in matters business and residential settlement.

4. Malaa

Malaa is an upcoming town on Kangundo Road, which has risen in a very short time. For anyone with a fresh business idea, this is the best time to tap in the area because land is still very affordable. Unlike Joska and Kamulu, land rates in Malaa range from Ksh399,000 to Ksh800,000

With the above information, upcoming investors have a better view of Kangundo Road and its adjacent neighborhoods which are great for settling and business. 

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