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Uber, Bolt Drivers to Switch Off and Delete Apps in Protest

Taxi drivers are complaining that many of them have found it difficult to stay afloat as a result of the changes, particularly those servicing commercial loans for their vehicles.

How to Recover Your Ride-Hailing Business After COVID-19: Best Tips From Onde

Driver loyalty programs are important as well as the need to support people and have an active social position as a business.

After NTSA Greenlight, SWVL Kenya Engages High Gear

NTSA is willing to look into developing the regulatory framework to encompass user and industry-driven technological advancements.

Safety Concerns For Female Drivers in Cab Hailing Industry

In light of the security situation in Kenya, are conference promises by the tech companies enough to ensure female taxi drivers are secure?

Bolt Plans to Strike it Rich With Expansion to Semi-Urban Towns

Bolt smells money in semi-urban towns as it moots expansion

Bolt Teams With NTSA on Road Safety Drive

This is part of Bolt’s strategy to ensure high road safety standards and compliance with public transport regulations.