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Hard Tackle From Wazito FC in Battle For Top Talent

Wazito FC owner and President Ricardo Badoer, in his usual bullish style, gave Okumu a premium ovation.

Ricardo Badoer’s Crypto Coin ADK Listed on Leading Exchange

ADK is a non-blockchain Tangle-based coin that has limited supply and zero-fee transactions created by an open-source project.

Swedish Investor to Rock Sports Media After Securing TV License

The license was issued on 24th January 2020, a culmination of Badoer’s efforts to have a presence in the TV industry in Kenya.

Billionaire Football Club Owner Who Rose From Eating Tomatoes for Dinner

Beyond his Twitter wars with fans and haters and his flamboyance, many Kenyans barely understand the man who is transforming Wazito FC.

Ricardo Badoer Threatens to Fire Wazito FC Players

Badoer is known to be a no-nonsense manager as he has never taken a loss lightly. This began when the team was still in the National Super League (NSL) where they performed extraordinarily well to clinch the title and earn promotion back to the KPL.

Will Medo Help Wazito Find Their Mojo?

Barely a week after parting ways with Fred Ambani and Stanley Okumbi, newbies Wazito FC appointed Melos Medo as the new head coach. Ambani and Okumbi were released by the club after a record of poor results since Wazito earned promotion back to the...