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Old Habits Clogging Quest to Clear Africa’s Plastic Waste Problem

So far, 34 countries on the continent have total or partial bans on different forms of single-use plastic items and packaging.

Uhuru bans single-use plastic bags in protected areas

President Uhuru Kenyatta has outlawed the usage of plastics in the national parks, forests and beaches in a bid to curb the plastic menace to the environment. The president made the announcement on World Environment Day while in Vancouver, Canada where he addressed the opening...

Hefty fines for polluters

The bill will enable the ministry reach a zero waste status

Plastic bags ban a godsend for investors

Policymakers, industry executives and ordinary citizens agree the move opened a new chapter in Kenya’s quest to become a hub for green investments

Where are all the branded paper bags?

Kenyans are known for creativity, even innovation. So, why are our companies not taking advantage of the ban on plastic paper bags by the Ministry of Environment to step up their publicity? I blame it on indecision and lack of commitment. Our corporate sector cannot...

Where ban on plastic bags is a blessing

The ban of plastic carrier bags has been embraced by a number of youths in Nakuru town who are already producing and selling cloth bags. Durable Clothe Bags has already flooded the market with their bags, with street children, who used to sell the plastic bags now...