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Sonko claims he’s worth more than Nairobi’s Sh32 billion annual budget

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has claimed his net worth is more than his county’s Ksh32 billion annual budget.

Speaking to NTV’s Ken Mijungu during the Sidebar interview show on Tuesday night, the flamboyant governor used the wealth claim to defend himself from claims of misappropriation of public funds that have dodged his administration this year.

“I’m worth more than the annual budget of Nairobi and I’ve got some fixed deposit accounts about Ksh500 million in different banks. I have built my wealth from way back even before when I became an MP,” said the governor “I don’t have to announce where I break my bread from,”

The governor known to defy the norm at times, went to extreme lengths to prove his point brandishing a mountain of tittle deeds and vehicle logbooks whose total value he said dwarfs the annual budget of Nairobi.

On April 2, the governor had to come out to defend himself amid accusations that he has been operating a Ksh96 million ‘confidential account’ since his election.

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This was after a county assembly oversight committee put him to task over the secret account after an auditor general report punched holes allocation of public funds by the governor.

Before he revamped his image in the build up to the 2017 general election, Sonko was known to splash the cash and is also known to dish out handouts to his supporters.

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Recently, a video doing rounds on social media showed the governor buying his wife a Ksh4.3 million  Versace chain at jewelry store in Dubai.



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