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Samsung Named No.1 Global TV Manufacturer for 15 Consecutive Years

You can get a Samsung TV from as low as 20,000 shillings and for as high as 1.5 Million Shillings

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Samsung has topped the global TV market for the 15th consecutive year, according to the global market research firm, Omdia.

Newly released data published on February 23  notes that Samsung recorded 31.8% in global TV market share by revenue in Q4 2020 and retained the largest annual category market share by revenue in 2020, at 31.9%.

Locally the electronics manufacturer also noted an increase in the purchase of TVs especially at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 with more Kenyans choosing to upgrade their TV sets from normal digital TV’s to smart TV’s, to bigger TVs and many other options that are available in the market.

“Last year was a very good year for us in terms of TV sales despite the fact that we were facing a global health pandemic. With people spending more time at home we saw an increase in TV sales from the Month of June all the way to September. Earlier on, from May to June we saw an increase in the purchase of fridges,” Said Sam Odhiambo, Samsung’s head of Consumer Electronics division.

He further went on to say that at Samsung they have a TV for everyone. You can get a Samsung TV from as low as 20,000 shillings and to as high as 1.5 Million Shillings. What they promise their customers is quality, durability, and the best technology available in the market.

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Samsung recorded 31.8% in global TV market share

Samsung’s growth across the Visual Display Business reflects a commitment to the most premium at-home viewing experiences, coupled with the fast-growing QLED portfolio, category leadership in the ultra-large screen segment over 75-inches, the introduction and expansion of a Lifestyle TV portfolio, and a series of industry, category, and product “firsts” made possible thanks to Samsung’s constant drive for innovation.

Looking back over the last 15 years, Samsung’s innovation-led growth agenda has incorporated ground-breaking new technologies, while spanning multiple categories, reaching a wide range of consumers.

In 2021, Samsung expects to maintain its industry-leading market position with the introduction and expansion of core products and by incorporating proprietary technology and features across all TV line-ups.

This includes Samsung’s new Neo QLED line-up along with Samsung’s MICRO LED, Lifestyle TVs, and a company-wide alignment of operations through long-term sustainability programs.

Over the next few years, Samsung will also continue to invest in R&D and product development in strategic business areas to strengthen its core and emerging technology offers.

“We continue to be incredibly humbled by the trust placed in our vision and products; it is what drives our relentless pursuit to deliver cutting-edge innovation and a best-in-class screen experience that meets the needs of the modern-day consumer,” concluded Mr. Sam Odhiambo.

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