Samsung Galaxy Note S8.

Smartphone giants Samsung is planning to land their new Galaxy S8 and S8+ with a thud by introducing Windows 10 Mobile’s Continuum-like feature in their new flagship smartphones.

According to the new gadgets will have an accessory that will act like a desktop dock, allowing the smartphone to power a desktop-like user Interface (UI) on a connected PC.

Dubbed Samsung ‘DeX Station’, the accessory looks like a charging dock and has a USB Type-C charging port. It will reportedly feature a cooling fan, HDMI-out support for up to 4K resolution content, two USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet port.

However, nothing is confirmed at the moment. It is speculated that Samsung is planning to launch the docking accessory together with Galaxy S8 duo, at the company’s March 29 event in New York , United States.

On a related note, Samsung has once again teased its Galaxy S8 smartphone in a YouTube video. The video was posted by Samsung Mobile’s Korea channel. It doesn’t reveal much about the handset, except for showing an ‘8’ branding and mentioning that the company will launch the smartphone at its ‘Unboxed’ event in South Korea on March 30.




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