Resolution Insurance has launched a digital platform to ease access to vehicle insurance.

The Next Taxi Insurance web-based app, which was launched on Tuesday in Nairobi in partnership with Insure Africa, will see vehicle owners use their phones or on desktops purchase insurance cover with a wide range of riders on a three-step dynamic and auto populated web application.

Resolution Insurance Managing Director Alice Mwai said the industry dynamics need a quick way of doing away with physical forms and embrace digital technology. She added the insurer has invested in creating a technology enabled sales force to turn around fortunes in the market whose competition is only getting tougher.

“Innovation is inevitable in our growing insurance industry and we are making strides in making it easier to access fast and reliable insurance solutions to the market demands at the comfort of our client’s locations,” said Mwai.

She said with the application, she hopes will see more taxi operators, corporates and individuals take up the company’s motor commercial cover for both the car and driver with a variation of additional riders.

Insure Afrika CEO and founder Gagan Hayer noted that the application seeks to bring insurance to consumers while making uptake processes quick and paperless introducing a click only digital platform for cover acquisition and renewal.

“We are bringing insurance closer to the customer and with a few clicks, taxi owners and drivers will be able to finish up with their insurance purchase or renewal within a matter of minutes. This new product will change how insurance works by bringing in the aspect of digitized insurance solutions that increase efficiency for the driver and owners while making the insurance processes more seamless and paperless for all parties involved,” he said.

 Gagan says the Kenyan insurance sector, which is currently worth Ksh 200 billion – a figure expert projections show would double in the next five years, needs more new technology approvals in order to grow beyond the current 10% penetration.

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Next Taxi Insurance leverages on digitality in data processing and storage and users only need to enter their personal details, pick up the comprehensive cover with desired riders before proceeding to make an online premium payment.

The automated system then instantaneously processes the policy and the users can choose whether they preferred having the sticker brought to their location or can be picked form the developers’ offices.


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