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Drama at Radio Citizen as Inspekta Mwala Tries to Kiss Melody Sinzore On Air

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Citizen radio listeners were amazed on Monday morning when their presenters went at each other with harsh words over a disagreement.

A video of the happenings in the studio went viral on social media soon after the confrontations questioning the credibility of the disagreement. Citizen leaking the video of the fight between the two makes it look like a PR stunt to drive more listeners their way.

The disagreement between Dennis Mwambili alias Inspekta Mwala and Melody Sinzore took a different turn when the former tried to forcefully kiss the latter. Apparently, Melody was not happy with the way Mwala continuously referred to her as his wife on air. Mwala tried to force a kiss out of her saying that he does not call her his wife to create humour.

Head of Radio at Citizen TV, Jeridah Andayi came to Melody’s rescue but ended up receiving the forced kiss that was meant for the young Journalist. Jeridah, however, warned Mwala against calling Melody his wife because it might reduce her chances of actually getting married. Drama, pure drama.

“Melody is still young and searching. Si umwache apate Mume, unashinda ukitangaza kwa radio ati we ni bwana yake. We unaezaoa nanai kwanza? (Let her find a husband. You keep on announcing on air that you are her husband. Who can you even marry?)” Andayi charged at Mwala.

It is not the first time that radio presenters have had arguments on-air as it has happened severally and ends up being nothing but a mere PR stunt to attract listeners. There is a probability that the argument was staged by Radio Citizen to drive more listeners their way.

Earlier this year, Milele FM presenters Kaka Zema and Doreen Tangut Nassi, popularly known as Dee, went for each other live on air. They both received warning letters but the Station later said that it was merely a stunt to prepare listeners for a reshuffle of presenters at the Mediamax Network-owned radio station.

Capital FM listeners were also treated to a drama-filled morning show one Friday last month after presenters Amina Abdi Rabar and Fareed Khimani quarreled over their pay packages. Apparently, Amina had stumbled upon Fareed’s paycheque only to find out that he earned way more than her despite him joining the Chris Kirubi-owned radio station later than Amina.

A while back Hot 96 presenter Jeff Koinange disagreed with co-host Jalang’o on air. Jeff had called Jalang’o stupid, something the comedian did not take lightly and warned Jeff not to do that again. Jeff clicked and Jalang’o was more furious as he warned not to click. Jeff did it again!

With radio presenters disagreeing on air it is fair to say that maybe the disagreements are planned as competition in the radio sector has intensified lately. In fact, competition is more intense in the morning shows which could be why morning show presenters are mostly the ones disagreeing.

Radio Citizen might just be flowing with the trend of radio stations pulling PR stunts to attract listeners. However, there has not been official communication from the Royal Media radio station about the incident.

Jeridah sent a tweet which may be related to what happened in the studio.

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