Commuters stranded in Ongata Rongai

Nairobi commuters were on Monday forced to pay more than they should for fare as matatu operators hiked fare due to the ongoing implementation of the “Michuki Rules” by the Ministries of Interior and Transport.

A large number of the commuters were also left stranded as Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) plying their routes failed to operate normally leaving most of them who are employees inconvenienced.

PSVs were charging way above the normal rates with matatu operators in Ongata Rongai charging Ksh150 which is Ksh50 above the normal rates.

Residents of Bahati Estate in Pumwani were also overcharged with operators charging Ksh70 while the normal fare ranges between Ksh30 and Ksh50.

There was also traffic snarl up on Thika Road with most commuters plying the route taking to twitter to vent their frustrations over the locomotive traffic.

Residents of Buruburu, Juja, Jogoo Road and Saika Estate in Komarock were forced to board motorcycles to get to work as no PSVs were available to ferry them to Nairobi CBD.



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