Traffic Police at work Photo/Hivisasa

In a bid to end c********n on the roads, the Inspector General of the National Police service (NPS) has added traffic responsibilities to the Regional and Formation Commanders.

Charged with the direct responsibility of managing traffic affairs in their commands, they are also expected to ensure that there is smooth flow of traffic, quick response to scene of a*******s, prompt investigations.

“Traffic check points and roadblocks on highways shall only be mounted with the express authority of the Regional/Formation Commanders and must be justified and rationalized,” said Anthony Munga the director of corporate communications NPS.

The commanders will further be held responsible for any misconduct by traffic officers or entertainment of acts of c********n that go unpunished under their commands.

The NPS have also urged motorists and pedestrians of collectively responsibility in order to improve road safety in the country.

“This calls for both parties not only to desist from c*****t activities on the road but also to stand against such by reporting them to relevant authorities,” said Mr Munga.

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“We call upon all Kenyans of goodwill to support us by obeying the law and avoid engaging in c*****t activities on our roads,” he urged.




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