City blogger Robert Alai. He will be detained for 14 days to allow police complete investigations

A Nairobi Court has allowed the Police to detain controversial city blogger Robert Alai for 14 days to allow them complete investigations.

The police were seeking to hold Alai for 30 days but Nairobi Senior Magistrate Sinkiyian Tobiko declined to grant the request.

On Tuesday, Directorate of C******l Investigations (DCI) detectives rounded up the blogger after he posted gory photos from Sunday’s Improvised E*******e Device (I*D) a****k on Kenyan policemen in Wajir County.

Also arraigned in court alongside Alai was Patrick Safari Robert, a p****n warder who also posted the photos on his twitter handle.

AP inspector Wifred Maiyo of Kahawa West AP Post has also been a******d  for sharing photos.

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino on Monday justified the reason to a****t Alai saying the blogger had glorified the act of t*******m while also terming Alai’s actions as unpatriotic.

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“As we mourn our fallen heroes, posting of their pictures online by one blogger is very unfortunate, inhuman, glorifies t****r & is tantamount to supporting t*******m.This is indeed the lowest we can go. We condemn this act in the strongest terms possible,” said Owino during a press conference.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) also condemned Alai’s decision to post the photos.

The police are looking to charge Alai with disclosure of t*******t activities information.

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The fallen soldiers were on patrol between Khorof-Harar and Konton along the Kenya-Somali border when they ran into the I*D planted in their path on Saturday night.

Eight officers d**d during the a****k.


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