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NTSA guide for drivers and pedestrians in heavy rains

Director General Francis Meja says the heavy rains experienced in most part of the country creates potentially dangerous conditions for road users, especially pedestrians



Motorists drive through the rain at the Globe Cinema Roundabout in Nairobi on Thursday morning.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is urging motorists to be extra vigilant, patient and cognizant of other vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, saying the heavy rains experienced in most part of the country creates potentially dangerous conditions for road users.

“We cautions road users that after the recent dry weather there is a build-up of dirt and soil deposits on the road. When these mixes with rainwater it increases the risk of a skid. As motorists, it is important to drive at or below the speed limit. Braking in wet weather is difficult resulting in potentially high speed impacts and greater likelihood of a fatality if a pedestrian is hit,” said NTSA Director General Francis Meja in a statement.

He added pedestrians are vulnerable as most tend to look down when walking in the rain and may not be aware of an oncoming vehicle. We urge pedestrians to use designated crossing points to avoid unnecessary risks.

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NTSA also has the following advice:

  • If the road ahead is flooded choose another route, do not attempt to drive through it. Flooded roads that appear shallow could be deeper than you think
  • To always turn on the headlights to increase visibility and keep a good distance from the car in front. Spray from other vehicles can also reduce your vision
  • Be aware that brakes can be affected by water. After going through water, drive slowly, this helps dry the brakes.
  • Always keep both hands on the steering wheel to enable you have full control
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are advised to wear bright clothing or reflector jackets to increase visibility.

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