Mwananchi Credit Launches DriveSafe Campaign

Mwananchi Credit Launches DriveSafe Campaign

List: The 5 Taxi-Hailing Companies Licensed To Operate In Kenya

Only five digital taxi hailing companies have been approved by The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to operate in Kenya. NTSA released a notice on Monday, October 31 revealing a list of the five companies licensed to operate in the country as: Uber,...

Kenyans To Pay Ksh3,000 For New Generation Digital Number Plates

The government has launched new generation of digital number plates at the GSU Recce unit Headquarters in Ruiru, Nairobi, that will cost motorists Ksh3,000 to acquire. The new plates are inbuilt with security features to allow the tracing of car ownership by law enforcement agencies. According...

Safaricom Partners With NTSA, Boda Bodas to Drive Road Safety

Safaricom has partnered with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and the National Boda Boda Association towards a road safety initiative targeting boda boda riders. The initiative, which kicks off at the height of the festive season that is marked by increased travel, will entail...

After NTSA Greenlight, SWVL Kenya Engages High Gear

NTSA is willing to look into developing the regulatory framework to encompass user and industry-driven technological advancements.

SWVL Appoints Kenyan as General Manager

Weeks after the National Transport and Safety Authority called for the prosecution of SWVL CEO and co-founder Mostafa Kandil, the tech company has appointed a General Manager for Kenya. The technology firm SWVL has appointed Dip Patel to fill the position in a move advised by SWVL’s intent to add...