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County imports impotent male goats

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A ward representative on Tuesday caused laughter at the final day of public vetting of Kwale County Executive Committee (CEC) nominees when he claimed that the county agricultural department procured impotent high breed male goats.

Kasemeni MCA Antony Yama hilariously said the he-goats donated to farmers were too docile and could not service indigenous female breeds during the breeding season sending everyone into fits of laughter.

Yama said that even after seeking the advice of a veterinary officer, his mother’s he-goat could still not deliver when it was put into service.

“I was advised to use a lantern lamp to light the goat pen so that the he-goat could mate with the female goats at night but all in vain,” he said as the panel burst into more laughter.

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The animals were bought by the county government under the food security improvement project, one of the issues over which outgoing Agriculture CEC Ms Joan Nyamasyo, was grilled by the team.

The animals included 1,660 goats, 360 cows and poultry distributed to farmers under a livestock improvement project that cost over Ksh 20 million.

But Ms Nyamasyo who was the last of the 10 nominees to appear before the County Assembly vetting committee, downplayed the claims that the goat project was a failure.

However, Ms Nyamasayo ,who faced tough questions from the county assembly vetting committee over several issues including her performance, agreed that some of the he-goats could be impotent.

“I believe many of them perform but even humans suffer impotence,” she said causing more laughter which brought some relief to the otherwise serious session.

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The other panelists concurred with her saying many of the goats had died, or sold out and slaughtered hence rendering the project economically unviable.

Farmers were accused of neglecting and starving the animals. A malnourished he-goat is unable to effectively service many goats during a breeding season, according to an online source.

County Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Khamisi Mwalonya said beneficiaries were not taking proper care of the animals thus placing the project in serious jeopardy. Other nominees vetted were Ms. Saumu Majaha (Environment) Mr. Francis Gwama (Health), and Mr. Ramadhan Bungale (Social Services).


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