KBC Business Editor Ruth Mutegi. She has joined the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) Business Editor Ruth Mutegi has joined the State House-based Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU).

Mutegi, a former Moi University student, has been tapped by acting State House spokesperson and head of PSCU to join the team, which is being revamped to better communicate with the public.

In a long post on her Facebook page, Mutegi reveals how she has been patient and quietly praying to God to give her a better opportunity even as she watched colleagues walk out of Broadcasting House in search of greener pastures.

Her luck came last month when KBC Editor-in-Chief Samuel Maina and Dena informed her about her new assignment. She could not believe what she was hearing.

“And so this year, last month, as I minded my own business, crazy with exams at UON, while I least expected it, GOD SHOWED UP, BIG TIME! When my boss Mr. Maina Samuel Kang’ethia Maina (GOD BLESS THIS KIND SOUL!), when he, and the State House Spokesperson Madam Kanze Dena summoned me and told me about my new assignment, I froze! Like repeat that? Say what? Me going to State House? Are you kidding? Am I dreaming? Do you have the right person? Yeah, it was a moment of ‘My GOD HAS REMEMBERED ME’ AND I CAN’T BELIEVE IT UNTIL I AM THERE!” she wrote.


“I joined KBC in 2011 and I have grown from a reporter who could not voice her own stories, who did not know how to write a proper script, to what I am now, a Business News Editor. Every year I saw people move, I would say ‘Congratulations’ with a smile on my face, because I knew someday my turn would come. I prayed to God every day, not because I did not love my job, oh no, I loved being at KBC, but at some point I felt I had acquired great skills that could be utilized somewhere else. I needed a new challenge, a new adventure! And so I prayed year in year out. For four years I prayed the same prayer, made the same promise to my God. Other times I felt weary, other times I thought He wasn’t listening,” Mutegi said.



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