Radio presenter Joshua Sang with Emoo FM head Daisy Rotino Kibet at DMS Place on Monday.

Former Kass FM presenter Joshua Sang is set to make a comeback to the airwaves after landing a job at Emoo FM, a station owned by Mediamax Network Ltd.

Sang took to his Facebook page to announce his return to radio in two weeks time after resigning from his former job after being charged with crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in relation to the 2007/08 post-election chaos.

He was charged alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

Sang, who was head of operations at Kass FM, had been accused of using the platform to incite and mobilise members of his community to take part in the violence.

But the charges against Ruto and Sang were dismissed in 2016 for lack of evidence as were those the President was facing.

Both the Kenyatta family and Ruto hold substantial stakes in the DMS Place-headquartered Mediamax Network.

“Reported today but will be on air in two weeks time,” he captioned photos of him at Emoo FM where he was received by its head Daisy Rotino Kibet.

Apart from Emoo FM, Mediamax also owns Milele FM, People Daily, K24, Kameme FM, Kameme TV, Mayian FM, Pilipili FM, Meru FM and the recently rebranded Asena FM, previously Pilipili FM.

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