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Uhuru’s Favourite TV Show? President Admits to Watching Selina [VIDEO]

What would you do if you met the President?

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Selina, the popular drama which airs on Maisha Magic East, got a major PR boost after President Uhuru Kenyatta admitted to watching it.

Prominent actor and singer, Pascal Tokodi on Wednesday, February 24 bumped into the President having a walk along State House road. Tokodi is heard exchanging greetings with the Head of State before he asks him to watch the show.

“How are you, sir? Oh my goodness, have a good day. Ona Selina, ona Selina,” Tokodi said.

The President told Tokodi that he had watched the show, and would continue to do so. The video was widely shared across social media platforms making Selina trend for a better part of the day.

A section of Kenyans, however, attacked Tokodi questioning why he chose to ask the President about Selina. They argued that there were many challenges the youth and the country were facing that would have been important topics to ask the President about.

“Bro you only had one job “When are you stopping the curfew!!” But who are you?” comedian Dr. Ofweneke commented.

Uhuru at the launch of the third strategic plan of the youth enterprise development fund

Tokodi defended himself saying that he had 15 seconds and all he wanted at that time was to promote his work.

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“Truth is, I asked all these questions but the camera was off. I was very happy when he said he watches Selina. I thought I would use my 15 seconds to promote myself. It is a very beautiful day,” Tokodi stated.

In the video, you could see the President walking alone without bodyguards. This however is not the first time the President has been spotted without his bodyguards.

On several occasions, the president has been seen driving himself in the capital.

Earlier in the day, Uhuru Kenyatta challenged young people to make good use of government grants to start businesses.

He was speaking during the launch of the third strategic plan of the youth enterprise development fund. Kenyatta suggested that if the youth did not take up the grants and loans, the government would find other uses for the money.

The question many have been left asking is if you were to be in Tokodi’s shoes and met the President, what would you talk to him about?

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Watch the video below:





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