Samuel Abisai's million dollar ride through the streets of Nairobi.

Sudden wealth brings with it the headache of managing and growing it sustainably. Without financial training and still reeling from the shock of winning money that is stuff of dreams for millions of Kenyans, Samuel Abisai, the lucky 28-year-old salesman, managed to come up with a spending plan for the cash.

He says he will first take a holiday to unwind and take in the reality and come up with a proper investment plan. Meanwhile, however, he has ideas on how to utilize the money.

“I will use this win to improve the welfare of my parents and entire family,” he said. The ardent Kakamega Homeboyz and Chelsea supporter plans to help his brother run a sports academy back at home in Western Kenya.

Samuel Abisai: This is how I won the mega jackpot

The winner, whose parents had to entrust him to an NGO from a young age so he could be sponsored through school said, he will also use part of the money to expand his tailoring business, his side hustle, and seek financial advice on how to spend the rest of his fortune.

Abisai had to drop his first choice of studying economics when he joined Nairobi University despite qualifying for it, to increase his chances of getting a job so that he could help his family get out of poverty.

Abisai, who is still dating, says he will thinking of marrying after two years.

His parting s**t? “I always bet using the extra coin. I had been failing but I never lost hope. I bet every weekend,” he said.



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