Nairobi International Book Fair in 2016

Oxford University Press East Africa has urged key stakeholders in the education industry to promote the culture of reading and enhance innovation and exposure so that learners are equipped with the adequate skills in an ever-changing world.

Speaking during the official opening of the 21st Nairobi International Book Fair (NIBF) that will be held from September 26 to September 30, Oxford University Press East Africa (OUPEA) General Manager John Mwazemba noted that a competitive edge in students will stem from the quality of skills curved from a reading culture.

Mr. Mwazemba said that to be knowledge producers, students will need to develop additional skills beyond reading and memorising content.

“We have left the information age and entered into the innovation age; today’s students must prepare to perform on the global stage,” he said.

The OUPEA General Manager also added that content knowledge remains critical for the youth towards developing additional skills geared towards achieving true success. 

He added, “With the huge amounts of information available, our students need skills in evaluating, summarizing, and analyzing information. Students must learn to be flexible and adaptive thinkers as they figure out how to use information to solve problems, create new perspectives, and generate new products and ideas.”

OUPEA is set to unveil a series of books which it says will be in line with the education curriculum and that are designed to propel the country to a middle level, knowledge driven economy.

This year’s NIBF is themed ‘Books for Nurturing Skills’ and is expected to play host to writers, authors, script writers, owners of publishing houses, publishers, and teachers and students from 55 local exhibitor and 15 international exhibitors from China, Uganda, Korea, Senegal, UAE, Tanzania, South Africa, India, Pakistan, US and Nigeria.




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