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Gloria Muliro to Fans: Help Us Raise Funds for Anastacia Mukabwa’s Cancer Treatment

The famous gospel musician has started a fund-raising campaign on social media to raise funds for fellow artist Anastacia, who is ailing with breast cancer.

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Anastacia Mukabwa, a renowned Kenyan gospel musician, is ill with cancer – breast cancer. Although she still drops new music regularly, the latest being Ninashuka Chini, released a day ago after rebranding her stage name to Anastacia Kakii and operating as Anastasia Kiatu Kivue on YouTube, Anastacia, like many musicians, is uninsured.

“I started tests in 2023, and the medics misled me, telling me the mammogram tests were nothing to worry about, so I just relaxed,” Anastacia said. “This year, however, I went for biopsy tests, and the results were very saddening. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I even struggled to accept the results.”

Breast cancer is a disease in which abnormal breast cells grow out of control and form tumours. If left unchecked, the tumours can spread throughout the body and become fatal, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. “Breast cancer caused 670,000 deaths globally in 2022.”

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Up to today, distressingly, Anastacia is not getting medical attention to help cure the cancer because the doctors who did extensive tests on her recommended that she should seek specialist services in India. Sadly, she does not have enough money to pay for it:

“I have done numerous tests with different doctors just to confirm whether the results given are correct and to be sure. I have not had any form of treatment, and I will be receiving treatment outside the country,” she shared.

Now, fellow gospel musical artist Gloria Muliro has started a fund-raising campaign on social media for her, seeking donations from fans to help raise the required funds for her friend Anastacia’s cancer treatment in India.

Praise the Lord, Friends. Minister Anastacia needs our prayer and financial support for medication. Her songs, right from “Kiatu Kivue,” continue to bless us. Please support her. No amount is too small. God bless.” The 44-year-old gospel musician, also a songwriter, posted on her Facebook alongside this poster;

Annastacia Mukabwa fundraiser

Anastacia Mukabwa became famous in 2013 after releasing that song called Kiatu Kivue and, subsequently, a music album with the same name, which included a total of eight songs sung by her and popular Tanzanian singer Rose Muhando.

To support her, the Mpesa or bank paybill number is 4224960, and the account number is Annastacia.

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