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5 Risky Ways to Boost Your Bank Account for January

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To many, December is a fun-filled month. However, no fun exists without spending and many will run their accounts dry just o let off steam in December.

After December comes January, a month filled with regret and poverty. It is in January that most people wish they did not spend as much as they did celebrate Christmas in December.

It is always easy to spend money in December. It is the month you got a bonus from boss for the work you’ve done for the whole year. It is the month businesses thrive because everyone is spending money buying new stuff.

To avoid running out of money in January, perhaps you should just spend enough in December. Perhaps you should not even spend anything on luxury and expensive fun activities. Luxury is expensive and will run your accounts dry.

It is already late for some who have already spent all their money celebrating Christmas. These people are probably looking for money that will help them survive in January. Here are some of the risky ways you can get the money you need for January.

Betting on Sports

Sporting activities occur every day of the year. In fact, some sporting leagues have more matches during the festive season to entertain their fans. This is probably the best time to try sports betting.

However, sports betting is highly risky as you can lose all your money in one day. There is also a tiny possibility that you will instantly become rich again in a day. It is this possibility that you ought to bank if at all you will engage in sports betting.

To flourish in sports betting, one needs to know about the teams you are betting on. You need to have done enough research for you to have a chance of getting anything from Sports betting.

Taking a Loan from Mobile Apps

First of all, you don’t want to get in debt if you have a problem with paying them. Mobile loans came in to provide instant solutions to your money woes. With these apps, you get a loan after a mere few clicks.

If you are guaranteed you will get money at the end of January then you should take a loan to run you through the month. The advantage of mobile lending apps is that you can be given more than a month to repay your loan.

However, with these apps, you never get the amount you really need especially if you are a new user. Being new to the site means that you can only a certain amount because the loan providers do not trust you yet.

Those who have been using the apps for long have increased their creditworthiness and can get more money from the apps.

FOREX Trading and/or Investing in Stocks

Another risky way to make money for your business is by getting involved in FOREX trading. Do you think you can predict the way that currency rates are going to move in the near future? If you believe that you’ve got what it takes, you’ll definitely want to trade FOREX.

You could also invest in stocks. After all, stock market trading has been around for an incredibly long period and a lot of people have managed to make money on stocks. Still, a lot more people have lost a lot of money.

It is definitely risky, but there are some things that you can do to improve your odds. For instance, you should start by evaluating the company in question. Do your research and make informed decisions. This will increase the likelihood that you’ll make a return on your investment in the near future.

Selling assets and patents

If you have tried everything and you certain you might die of hunger in January then you can consider selling your assets. Think about selling stuff that your business owns. Mostly look to sell things that are not of big importance to you.

Why is this risky? Well, you might be selling the very thing that helps you make money. In the long run, selling assets could force you into bankruptcy even quicker. Make sure that you think things through before moving forward.

Partaking in Medical Research

Do you need quick money? Would you do anything humanly possible to keep your company afloat? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you should think about signing up for medical trials.

These are incredibly risky because you’ll be putting your health on the line. It could be well worth it, but the medications might be dangerous too. Suffice to say, you should proceed cautiously.

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