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Royal Media Services Speaks Out On Citizen TV Christmas Food Poísoning

One person has been confirmed dead at Royal Media Services offices and several others are undergoing treatment after suffering what is understood to be severe food poisoning.

Merry Spending: Rwandans Beat Kenyans In Christmas Extravagance

With the holiday season kicking off, families around the world are making plans to celebrate the season with unique traditions, once-a-year meals, gifts and more. In line with this exciting time, global payments company WorldRemit conducted a multi-country study to determine the true cost of...

The Perfect Gifts to Get Your Loved Ones This Christmas

It does not matter whether you are on budget, there is always a gift you can get your loved ones during a festive period

Healthy Eating Habits to Consider This Festive Season

This is the time of the year to be extra cautious on what you’re consuming to reduce disease progression

5 Risky Ways to Boost Your Bank Account for January

It is already late for some who have already spent all their money celebrating Christmas. Here's how to recover

The Great Christmas Hoax: Who Said Jesus Was Born Today?

A popular Roman pagan holiday was commemorated as the “birthday of the unconquered sun”