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Estonia ambassador to Kenya Kadri Humal endorses Kenyan cryptocurrency, Tmx global coin

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The ambassador of Estonia to Kenya, Mrs Kadri Humal, has announced plans to support Kenya’s Tmx global coin to enhance its impact in the world.

Estonia is known for global leaders in technology with products such as Skype originating from the region.

Since then its launch, TMX Global coin has registered 57 per cent increase on investor uptake for the logistic coin setup.

The logistic currency coin which is barely two months old has seen hundreds of investors flock into the investor’s portfolio and has received immense positivism.

Mrs Nancy Karigithu Permanent Secretary of maritime and shipping affairs in Kenya, described the venture as a transparent and evolving process that will contribute highly to the trillions of amounts traded in the shipping industry.

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The Kenyan born opportunity has its initial partners from Asia and Europe and this has boosted the value chain partnership with Uganda, which is the leading country in East Africa with most citizens embracing the TMX cryptocurrency investment opportunity.

Various issues have been raised around the logistics business and mostly because of the unaccountability, corruption and illicit trade. Using a convenient interface, an importer/customer can find the best online stores from the thousands of options and then choose a suitable freight forwarder to coordinate the cargo shipping

CEO of TMX Global Mr Anthony Njoroge says that the coin is a global block chain hence can be used to invest anywhere.

“We have been getting investors from Europe China India and the middle East. These are countries that have endorsed and appreciate block chain technology, and East Africa is also catching up,” Anthony ended.

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