The programme was featured on the African Voices segment of CNN.

Citizen TV may be losing ground as the battle for viewership shifts online but some of its programmes remained key attractions including internationally.

Being among the most popular TV stations in Kenya, one of its programmes- Shamba Shape Up- has become a sensation not only among farmers but it has also caught the eye of American broadcaster CNN.

Shamba Shape Up which began airing in 2012 is Kenya’s first agricultural makeover show.

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The programme is not a top-down documentary or purely instructional but it visits and presents farmers in their own environments and seeks to address their issues and problems.

The programme was featured on CNN’s African Voices segment alongside two other reality shows out of Nigeria promoting weight-loss and job skills.

Shamba Shape Up is a programme whose field work is carried out each year to determine what the audience is interested in learning about, what they have learnt from the show and what practices they have adopted.

This forms the basis of the content for each series, according to its website.

The show produced by Patricia Gichinga provides makeovers for farms in Kenya and educates farmers.

Gichinga said that they travel around looking for farmers who have problems.

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She adds, “We then bring in the experts and teach them how to farm better. That way, they are able to produce more food and have more income.”

The programme is presented by Naomi Kamau and Tonny Njuguna.

Kamau is a screenwriter and the producer of the popular Mother in Law and Machachari shows which also air on Citizen TV.

Here is the programme segment which had the African reality shows with their producers.

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