President Uhuru Kenyatta holds the hand of businessman Chris Kirubi on the sidelines of the Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi in November last year. Kirubi was flown to the US for further treatment at the weekend
President Uhuru Kenyatta holds the hand of businessman Chris Kirubi on the sidelines of the Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi in November last year. Kirubi was flown to the US for further treatment at the weekend. [Photo/Chris Kirubi/Twitter]

Prominent businessman Chris Kirubi returned to the United States on Saturday for further treatment, Business Today has reliably learnt.

Sources familiar with the matter say the businessman, who was diagnosed with c****r, returned to the top US hospital, which he has been attending after he started feeling unwell.

Kirubi, who was first flown to the US for treatment in November 2017, had appeared to be on his way to recovery and even resumed his role as a DJ on Capital FM’s breakfast show.

He owns the station as well as several other publicly listed and private companies. He is the single-largest shareholder of Centum Investments with a 28.64% stake.

One of Kenya’s most prolific businessmen, Kirubi, known in shorthand as CK (or DJ CK when on radio), holds leadership positions in at least 10 companies and organisations.

Kirubi has also been attending other public functions since his return, in addition to engaging upcoming entrepreneurs on Twitter using the hashtag #AskKirubi.

On Wednesday, he urged entrepreneurs to avoid procrastination by keeping a list of reasonable tasks that can be accomplished as it helps one to stay focused and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

“Once you begin, you’re halfway there! Avoid procrastination even when the task ahead of you is unpleasant. Ensure you keep a list of reasonable tasks that you must accomplish because this helps you stay focused and avoid feeling overwhelmed,” he tweeted.

On World C****r Day, which is marked on February 4, Kirubi expressed hope that one day, the world will be c****r-free.

“This #World C****r Day, I write from a reflective perspective. This subject is very close to my heart and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone battling the dreadful d*****e. I would like to urge each and every one of you to go for c****r screening sessions and adopt a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

“No one is immune and early diagnosis surely saves lives. I would like to ask my government to actively raise awareness to the public on how to reduce c****r risk and accord affordable treatment to those diagnosed. Above all, I celebrate all who have fought hard and defeated c****r. Never lose hope,” he added.

Kirubi’s illness was first reported to staff at Centum Investments by CEO James Mworia in November 2017. At the time, there was speculation over his well being, with some saying he was in c****************n and had been admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Mworia said Kirubi had travelled to the US for specialised treatment, adding that he was in good spirits and engaged in business matters.

“Instead, Dr Kirubi, whom I spent time with on Monday and saw off at the airport, and have spoken to on multiple occasions since, remains in good spirits and actively engaged in business matters in his usual endearing fashion,” Mworia said.


  1. may the Almighty God heal and bless kirubi. let all pray for him….. it’s my humble request for the government to get into this deadly serious disease that is robbing Kenya it’s promising people. Kirubi am praying for you.

  2. Wish him quick recovery .besides ,the government should declare Cancer a national disaster.resources should be mobilised towards putting up a specialist cancer diagnosis and treatment center in the country similar or better off than the ones affluent patients attend overseas to the US,Europe,and India .The amount of money used on medical tourism to these foreign states is enough to do this .

  3. May he the business Giant receive quick recovery Ngai arohonia mikiha ya mwiri wake na wega wa Ngai umukinyirire Amen

  4. Best wishes CK but if the govt is serious about avoidance of cancer, please please please, someone, come and help the residents of Njokerio in Njoro. They are exposed to cancer every day by flower farms that have no soak pits and release the dangerous chemicals to their farms. Gulleys are the order of the day with effluent flowing through them. Children swim in the effluent. HELP!!!

  5. Best wishes CK but if there’s any seriousness by the govt in battling this monster, please please please: someone: whoever: please help the residents of Michorui in Njokerio, Njoro. They are exposed to cancerous chemicals by flower farms which have no soak pits or pan areas. Gulleys full of effluent and dangerous chemicals snake through the village. Children swim in it. It is death served on a plate. Large scale. NEMA is aware. We are the living dead.


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