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Centum Investment Business Model and Ownership Structure

Centum Investment identifies promising businesses and invests in them. It can invest in the business by acquiring shares in it or giving it a loan.

How My Father ‘Secretly’ Taught Me Business – Chris Kirubi’s Daughter Maryanne Musangi

Before the death of her father Chris Kirubi in June 2021, Ms Maryanne Musangi was a figure away from the limelight, running her own...

The Few Billionaires Who Control Kenya’s Media Industry

While some are struggling, there is money to be made in media if you got the audience and right connections, through advertising and editorial support. Now let’s see how a mere handful of people control Kenya’s media.

Kenya’s Media Billionaire You Won’t Find On Social Media

Imposters often use prominent people’s names and photos - an known technically as identity theft - to attract followers, which is the currency of social media. Once they get enough followers and/or fans, they change their profiles into their genuine names and begin to monetize the accounts.

Kirubi’s Daughter Lands Government Appointment

Maryanne Kirubi has been steering the Kirubi estate since her father's death. She promised at his funeral to uphold his legacy while highlighting the challenge of filling his shoes.

Orphaned Kirubi Media Employees Mourn Over Low Pay

Capital Group Ltd, the company that runs Capital FM radio and capitalfm.co.ke news portal, is still struggling to shake off Covid-19 hangover even as a number of media houses appear to bounce back.

High-Stakes Battle for Centum Sends Stock Tumbling

Centum has interests in Real Estate, Private Equity (PE), Development and Marketable Securities. Primarily, the letter poked holes in the management, business and operating models of its Real Estate and Private Equity ventures.

Kirubi’s Influential Son-in-Law Musangi Appointed to Centum Board

He is the son of Professor Richard Musangi, a scholar who became the pioneer Vice-Chancellor of Egerton University in 1987, and was in 2013 appointed Chancellor of Kabianga University by former President Mwai Kibaki.

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Whipped and Stripped! A Survivor’s Tale of Harrowing Brutality in a Mental Hospital

The lack of a long-term vision and inadequate resourcing of mental hospital infrastructures continues to take a toll on Kenya’s mentally ill patients.

Dubai Agency Picks Top Influencer Marketers to Lead Kenyan Operation

This strategic move is in line with indaHash vision to cement its presence in Africa, following its impactful footprint in South Africa since 2017 and successful collaborations with clients like the South African Tourism Board.

SportPesa to reward Customers in Cash-Filled Festive Promotion

Running from December 4th to 25th, the SportPesa campaign promises daily excitement with six lucky winners expected to walk away with Ksh5,000 daily.

Captain William Ruto: President’s Namesake With a Decorated Career

Captain William Kipkemboi Ruto is officially known by the name William Ruto, which also happens to be President William Samoei Ruto’s official name.