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Basic And Common Questions About Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is the most famous digital coin and thus has many questions around it. One can understand from these questions the popularity of this cryptocurrency. It would be interesting to explore some of them. However, if you are keen on digging deep into this digital coin, you can explore sites like this link. Nonetheless, let us explore the common questions posed about the digital coin.

What is Bitcoin mining?

Mining is a process that helps bitcoin function efficiently in the network. It also helps in creating new Bitcoins. It is the central nerve of the BTC network. When anyone wants to send the digital currency – Bitcoin – to any other person, they create one transaction and register it using a private key. Then it is shown on the network. At this point, the miners come into the picture.

So, miners are people who validate the transactions and even verify the same. They are the ones who put these coins into their next block and then add them inside the public ledger, which is also called a blockchain. Thus, it is fair to say that it is a chain of blocks.

When did the first BTC mining take place?

The idea of Bitcoin came about in October 2008, just when the recession hit the world. Soon in January 2009, when the coding of the first BTC gave the process of mining in this world. Bitcoin value was zero then. This block gave around 50 BTCs to the miner as a reward.

What is the reward to miners?

Miners earn two types of rewards. The first one comes with a transaction fee from validating transactions, and the second comes through the block reward. For example, the miners who can solve complex mathematical problems get a block reward. These are the second kind of reward to the miners.

Every single block comes with a reward of around 12.5 BTCs. As per BTC protocol, after every four years, the BTC world witnesses a halving event. It is the time when the reward comes as the half portion. The halving taking place last year has given 6.25 BTCs per block until the next similar event occurs.

Who mines, and why is everyone not a miner?

Mining is a hard nut to crack as you have to solve complex math problems using cryptographic technology that acts as a hash algorithm. In the early years, we see Bitcoin acting over any PC, and it can help produce a good power for mining the BTC. However, as the competition has grown-up, many more mining companies act like Bitmain taking place in Bitcoin mining.

What is professional mining gear?

It is worth checking about the protocol of BTC that helps in creating 21 million coins. The moment it reaches the target, the protocol helps in creating around 21M coins. This number will be hit by the end of 2140. There will be no new bitcoin creation at this point, and miners can only gain the reward-seeking transaction fees.

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How can you buy bitcoin?

One simple and easy way to buy Bitcoin is to get it online or through any local digital currency ATMs. One can find several Bitcoin-based AMTs in different parts of the world. One of the vital things is that you need to get it from a credible provider.

Where and how can you store Bitcoin?

Like any other fiat currency-based coins are kept in a physical wallet, Bitcoin has a place to store, and it is a specially designed digital-based wallet. Every wallet remains a public digital address that helps in receiving and sending out coins.

For example, one can find an address that comes along with several strings of numbers, and these are available with English-based letters that seem to come up with 30 characters long. These digital wallets are freely available, and you can download them to use online or offline.

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