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Asad Khan’s Harrowing Final Moments – Family Reveals

His brother Adil Khan, who was by his side in hospital, explained a nightmare scenario

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The family of rally driver Asad ‘Kalulu’ Khan has opened up on his harrowing days-long stay in two hospitals in Nairobi before he passed on. Khan was buried at Kariokor Cemetery on Monday, December 19 after a funeral service at Parklands Mosque.

Speaking to journalists, his brother Adil Khan who was by his side in hospital explained a nightmare scenario that saw doctors at Nairobi Hospital revive the rally driver twice before he eventually succumbed to his ínjuries at Avenue Hospital, where he had been transferred to.

Khan disclosed that the rally driver sustained several other ínjuries besides the leg ínjury initially reported, including a punctured right lung, swollen ear, head ínjuries, scratches on his neck and above his eye.

He explained that doctors at Avenue Hospital discovered the punctured lung, after he had been transferred there from Nairobi Hospital as Avenue had enough A+ blóod which Khan urgently needed, and Nairobi Hospital didn’t have enough of. Doctors at Avenue Hospital also got the family’s consent to évacuate the liquid accumulating in the lung.

“I rushed to the (Nairobi) hospital…The nursé called me on the side and told me straight away he had passed, they had put him on a machine to revive him, which they did…they brought him back, and they didn’t know why he had passed… because there was no blóod leaking but they knew there was an ínjury,” Khan stated.

“We had to transfer him from Nairobi Hospital to Avenue Hospital…There’s a doctor there, straight away he said he’s got a punctured lung on the right hand side,” he continued.

The procedure stabilized him, and according to Adil, Khan’s heart and brain were working fine, and he was breathing. The doctors however then found that organs including his liver, kidneys and pancreas were failing, ultimately leading to his demise.

Khan’s girlfriend, rally driver Maxine Wahome, was arrésted in connection with alléged àssault. She was released on a Ksh100,000 cash bail with her lawyers telling the court that she was cooperating with authorities.

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Members of Khan’s family have stated that they expect a thorough investigation from police, asserting that they do not want to be drawn into speculation. Government pathologist Johanssen Oduor was present at Avenue Hospital on December 19th to undertake the postmortem, which is expected to establish the cause of his demise.

Among those who sent their condolences to the Khan family was the Kenya Motorsports Federation, who described him as “a seasoned rally driver with many accolades to his name”.



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