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The Rise And Fall Of Safari Rally Star Maxine Wahome

In June 2022, Safari Rally star Maxine Wahome made history after winning the WRC3 Category at the WRC Safari Rally, making her the first Kenyan woman to win a WRC race. The win earned her world recognition and accolades from world champions, including even-time Formula...

Maxine Wahome: How Embattled Rally Star Rose to The Top

Khan played a big role in her come-up in the rally world. In a past interview, Wahome named him as her coach and credited her with getting her her first rally car and building her another, which she uses in competitions to date.

Asad Khan’s Harrowing Final Moments – Family Reveals

Khan disclosed that the rally driver suffered several other injuries besides the leg injury initially reported, including a punctured right lung, swollen ear, head injuries, scratches on his neck and above his eye.