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Maxine Wahome: Safaricom Under Pressure to Drop Rally Star

Khan's family disclosed that he is in critical condition and requires additional blood

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Pressure is being piled on giant telco Safaricom, as well as national carrier Kenya Airways and bettíng company Betika, to cut ties with 27-year old rally star Maxine Wahome after she was presented in court over the alléged asśáult of her boyfriend Asad ‘Kalulu’ Khan.

Khan’s family disclosed that he is in critícal condition at a Nairobi hospital and requires additional blóod. The family on Wednesday, December 14 dispelled reports that Khan had díed. He was allegedly stábbed by Wahome after a disagreement ensued at their Kilimani apartment.

Wahome is out on a Ksh100,000 cash bail. Her lawyers told the court that she was cooperating with investigating authorities and was not a flight risk.

“We wish to request all friends and well wishers to kindly keep him in your prayers. The hospital team at Avenue hospital ICU require five pints of bloód group A+ or O+ for his ongoing treatment,” Khan’s family shared in a Facebook post.

Safaricom was reportedly in talks with Wahome, the daughter of a prominent businessman, to renew the sponsorship deal for upcoming Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) races. The telco was her main sponsor when she made history by becoming the first woman to win the WRC3 category at the World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally in June.

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For the win, Safaricom rewarded Wahome with a Ksh1 million cash prize. Safaricom also supported Wahome in previous KNRC races, including in 2021 when the telco extended the sponsorship with an additional Ksh2 million ahead of the KNRC Voi Rally.

Nicknamed the ‘riding queen’, Wahome had earned praise from across the world following her WRC3 win. Among those who congratulated her was seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton.

The news of Wahome’s árrest took many by surprise, and sparked widespread anger among Kenyans online, who then turned their gúns on Wahome’s sponsors. Safaricom was also slammed over its silence on the matter, and found itself trending alongside Maxine Wahome on Twitter as netizens demanded action.

Maxine was ordered by the court to appear before investigators weekly even as Khan’s family vowed to pursue justice.  Neither Safaricom, Kenya Airways nor Betika have so far addressed their sponsorships of Wahome.

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  1. Is judgement by the public fair? Who knows what happened to Khan? We’re only hearing one side of the story, Khan’s relatives. What if it was self defense? Let’s leave the court to judge then rope in sponsors. Don’t mess someone’s life because of an unverified stories.

    • Ladies always play victims,, if it was the other way round you wouldn’t have said this,,men we are on our own….

  2. Self defense my foot?thats nonsense.When you are a brand ambassador you are obliged to carry yourself with modicum and uphold moral virtues.Among them anger management.Tiger woods fought with his wife and sponsor Nike withdrew sponsorship.How special is this lady?

  3. Boy child;`,no ‘are we in the world of biggining which the mighty god made aman from his own image ?after he find a man very lonely and decide to create a helper from his rib.is she an eve or killer?


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