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8 Facts About Technology All Kenyans Should Know

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When it comes to the African continent, the most developing and fast-growing countries emerge to be Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya. We want to focus on the latest country that we’ve just mentioned. Although Kenya is a small coastal nation which lived on tourism for most of its history thanks to its beautiful landscapes and biodiversity, it’s currently part of a quick expansion in certain fields like internet technology.

Kenya Drives The Technology Development

Kenya is actually one of Africa’s leading nations that are driving toward modernization up to the present day. With a large young population, Kenya can drive the nation’s economy through those fields and industries that seem to be more promising in the long term. Internet technology is not only an engaging pool for innovative ideas but it’s also a key to success for many rising startups.

Also, internet technology comes to cross a lot of other industries including finance and investments, digital gambling, and e-learning. Without technology competencies, it’s pretty hard to face today’s world and its next developments. Technology and gambling seem to conjugate their latest developments by creating new gambling sites that are mobile-friendly and accessible to all Kenyans.

We warmly suggest you read the article to learn more about legal gambling in the country. Anyway, all the casino sites that are promoted online are licensed, verified, and compliant with the international online gambling requirements.

As you can see, internet technology helps several industries to develop online and it’s pretty interesting for all Kenyans to learn something more about the ways the country is working to lead Africa’s modernization process.

Things That You’ll Find Interesting To Learn

Probably, not all Kenyans are aware of the importance and weight of the nation’s progress in fields including internet technology. That’s why we’ve found out for you all a few facts about technology in Kenya that you’ll be proud to learn:

  1. Innovation in Africa
    Similar to Silicon Valley but immersed in a typical African landscape, Kenya is also known as the Silicon Savannah and it’s the second greatest innovation region in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kenya is home to several tech startups that contribute significantly to the country’s role in the development of new internet and internet-based system technologies.
  2. Mobile financial transactions apps
    When it comes to financing, Kenya is a leading country in the diffusion and use of mobile transaction apps: almost 70% of Kenyans use mobile apps for making and receiving payments. The most important telecommunication company in the country is Safaricom that debuted in 2007 with its first money transfer app for mobiles.
  3. Telecommunication networks
    Time ago, Kenya’s telecommunication networks were absolutely outdated and malfunctioning. But today’s telecommunication system is one of the fastest and most affordable on the entire continent. Kenyan telecommunication networks can serve rural areas pretty smoothly and, in fact, the internet subscriptions grew from 29,6% to 41,1% in just one year as of 2018.
  4. iCow app
    According to most Kenyans, M-Pesa is the most successful mobile app. However, a new app was invented in 2011, iCow, which gradually implemented the work of many farmers in the country. iCow is a farming-dedicated app that helps to monitor the cows’ breeding cycles and milk production. Thanks to this app, farmers can maximize their work and optimize their profits. The app runs on SMS, so everyone with an old mobile can use it easily.
  5. iHub co-working facility
    With the rise of iHub, a new co-working facility started in Nairobi in 2010 for tech companies and startups, Kenya is defining its economy as technology-oriented. The iHub in Nairobi is one of the most important tech hubs in Africa, attracting worldwide investors and companies such as Google, Microsoft, and others.
  6. Next Einstein Forum
    It’s not shocking that Nairobi is becoming one of the most attractive tech centres on the planet. In 2020, the city hosted the Next Einstein Forum, a biennial gathering for high-level tech and science companies. Some of the most relevant partners of the NEF are the Mastercard Foundation and the International Development Research Center of Canada (IDRC).
  7. AI technology solutions
    According to a recent study conducted by the International Development Research Center of Canada (IDRC), Kenya is reputed as a well-equipped country to start using AI technology systems. It should be another great opportunity for the country in the future.
  8. IT business solutions
    Although a large part of the national territory is rural, at least 78% of Kenya’s biggest corporations use modern IT business models. Among smaller businesses, only 20-to-40% of them already adopted integrated IT business solutions, but experts think the country is already on the way to a massive diffusion of IT systems into business operations.

Kenya’s rapid development of internet technology has made it one of the most promising areas for financial investment, not only for domestic investors but also for large foreign investment groups.

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