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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Children Safe Online

We love making the most of the online world. It offers a host of benefits and opportunities, and is an exciting place to explore. But we can't ignore the threats associated with an increased digital lifestyle. With internet fraud, cybercrime, and online predators, the...

3 Winning Strategies To Build a Brilliant Digital Business

Digital Business: The advent of the internet opened a new chapter in human history. Since then, so many things have been changing, if you think about it. One of the fields that absorbed the influence of the internet better than others is the market...

8 Facts About Technology All Kenyans Should Know

When it comes to the African continent, the most developing and fast-growing countries emerge to be Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya. We want to focus on the latest country that we've just mentioned. Although Kenya is a small coastal nation which lived on...

5 Constructive Ways to Spend Your Time Browsing

The internet can be used to earn income or a greater course for humanity

Report Captures Key Trends in Internet Usage

The report notes there were attempts to reintroduce retrogressive Bills that had been resisted and criticized in the past.

Digital Footprint a Danger to Your Safety, Loved Ones

Have you ever wondered about the kind of people who can correctly predict your daily routines and what they can do with that information? Well, if you share too much information on social media, then this is for you. If you have never put thought to what happens when you...