Classic FM’s Maina Kageni Named in Land Scam

Consumer watchdog COFEK says there is more than meets the eye in the radio presenter's relationship with PRC chief Brian Gacari

Caroline Mutoko Caught up in ‘Land Scam’

One buyer says he invested Ksh 1.647 million with a promise of Ksh250,000 per greenhouse every six months but has never ereceived anything

More young Kenyans invest in property

Only 10 per cent of customer base constitutes persons aged 40 years and above while 40 per cent are aged 35 to 40 years

Property best investment for Kenyans in diaspora

Failing to invest when property prices are affordable and available is the biggest mistake investor with cash can make

Property owners squeeze apartments’ space as prices rise

Currently, the average size of land that a property development can be put on is 25 feet by 70 feet

Developers open up leafy suburbs to buyers

Investor interest in these areas has seen the areas post a double digit asking price increases over a one-year period by 10.1% to Ksh58.2 million for Karen and by 15.7% to Ksh5.9 million for Lang’ata

Karen vs. Runda: Which is the coolest place to stay?

Currently, Karen has 11 units of four-bedroom mansions listed for sale, down from 15 in the second quarter of 2016, reflecting a 26.7% drop. On the other hand, Runda has five similar units listed for sale up from four, reflecting a 25% increase

Kenya makes call to Konza technopolis investors

Winning entities will be issued with leases on land where they will build approved developments as per the Konza Technopolis Master Plan and land leasing guidelines

Two surest ways to get your dream house

Congratulations! You have decided to move away from renting to become a home owner. However, you are grappling with one key question: should you...

Legal procedure for buying land in Kenya

Land buying follows the basic principles of law of contract. The seller is supposed to disclose any defects on the title, e.g. if it’s...