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Some Solid Advice for First-Time Land Buyers

Buying land as an individual can be a very risky affair since you can easily fall into the hands of predators.

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Investing in Land

While all these are valid reasons for purchasing land, there are key questions that one needs to ask before making that ultimate move.

3 Common Mistakes Land Buyers Often Make

Demand for land has skyrocketed, making it quite scarce as everyone is rushing to secure a piece of earth. 

Why Rainy Season is Best time to Buy Land

Most people stand the risk of purchasing a parcel of land in flood-prone areas or along water paths.

Investment Sector That Defies Economic Slowdown, Including Covid-19

Investing in real estate has many advantages over other investments, including lower risks and a high rate of return, among many others.

4 Simple Steps to Buy Land Safely From the Diaspora

Some companies like Fanaka Real Estate offer flexible installment plans that can run for as long as 12 months.

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