10 Most Valuable Companies in Kenya and What Fuels Their Growth

The top 10 NSE companies to invest in Kenya include telecom provider Safaricom, bank operator Equity Group and beer giant East African Breweries.

Navigating Forex Markets: The Top 10 Forex Brokers of 2023

Selecting the right broker from the top 10 forex brokers of 2023 can significantly impact your trading success.

Amazing Origin of ‘Pesa’ and How Shilling Overtook Foreign Currencies

With the establishment of individual Central Banks for the three East African countries, Kenya began printing and minting its own shilling currency notes under the mandate given to the Central Bank of Kenya in 19676.

1974 Fuel Receipt Evokes Nostalgia Over Strong Shilling Years

Over the years, the Kenya shilling has lost its value significantly, thanks to inflation which has markedly reduced its purchasing power.

These Awards Prove Co-op Bank’s Positive Economic Impact

Co-op Bank Awards point to the fact that the bank is doing not only doing things right but also doing the right things for its customers and the industry.

Transforming Financial Inclusion: The Impact of M-Pesa in Kenya and Beyond 

Discover the profound impact of M-Pesa on financial inclusion in Kenya and beyond. Explore how this innovative mobile service revolutionizes transactions and shapes the future of finance globally.

Premium South African Betting Sites

Embark on a betting adventure with South African betting sites. Explore user-friendly interfaces, diverse sports, and localized payment options.⚾️ Your optimal bet experience awaits – click now!

Unveiling the Future of Digital Finance: Your Guide to Cryptocurrency Trends

Cryptocurrency Trends: From Bitcoin to Ethereum, the world of blockchain technology is paving the way for financial innovation.

Police Officer Behind Highly Successful Coffin Business

Boniface Wanguku says new venture became an instant success thanks, he says, to his dedication and passion for providing “dignified funeral services.”

Where at Thou? Kenyans’ Quest to Find Lost Wealth

The Unclaimed Assets Authority and Huduma Kenya are rolling out a reunification exercise for unclaimed financial assets worth billions of shillings with their owners.

Success and Profit: How to Make Money with Your Own Online Casino

Right now more than 40% of the global gaming market revenue comes from mobile games and you need to understand how to make money with your own online casino.

China Shakes, Bitcoin Rises: A New Global Economy Emerges

China's economic shifts are creating waves in the global markets, positioning Bitcoin as a beacon of stability.

Can Trustless Protocols Promise Stability?

Trustless protocols hold transformative potential for decentralized systems. However, balancing their revolutionary features with the imperative of stability remains a central challenge, demanding continuous adaptation and vigilance.

Collaborations and Contributions Within Ethereum Developer Community

Amid the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, the ethereum developer community stands out as a prime illustration of successful cooperation and meaningful input.

Blockchain Landscape in Ireland Overview

Bitcoin: As Ireland's blockchain journey unfolds, it stands as a beacon of innovation, setting a precedent for global technology landscapes while nurturing a promising future in the digital age.

Navigating Asset Choices in Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading: Whether it's the rapid movements of the forex market, the stability of commodities, the broad perspective of indices, or the excitement of stocks, each asset class offers unique opportunities and challenges. 

Can We Trust Price Prediction Websites in Bitcoin Trading?

The reliability of Bitcoin trading prediction websites is a topic that draws varied opinions from experts across the financial spectrum.

Cryptocurrencies: Are They Earth Resource Drainers?

While cryptocurrencies pose environmental challenges, ongoing innovations and industry collaborations promise a more sustainable future.

FBS Web Trader: The Ultimate Guide for Traders

FBS Web Trader is packed with a range of tools, features, and benefits that help traders stay ahead of the market and make informed trading decisions.

Simple Steps to Apply Business Loan Using MCo-opCash App

MCo-opCash is a mobile banking service that enables you to access a variety of banking, money transfer and payment services.

Kuza Asset Management Launches With Sh650M War Chest

Founded in 2021, Kuza Asset Management is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority and the Retirement Benefits Authority.

Centum Investment Business Model and Ownership Structure

Centum Investment identifies promising businesses and invests in them. It can invest in the business by acquiring shares in it or giving it a loan.

Mobile Trading Revolution: Exploring the Best Forex Apps for Kenyan Traders

One way that technology has made trading more accessible and convenient for more people is through the use of the best forex apps for Kenyan traders.

How Access To Finance Is Changing Lives In Africa

According to World Bank data, just 35% of people over the age of 14 in 28 sub-Saharan African countries had formal bank accounts in 2021, which limits access to finance.

ILAM FAHARI I-REIT Redemption Offer Oversubscribed 13.08%

During the offer period, the REIT Trustee received applications for redemption of 41,371,604 units, which represents a subscription rate of 113.08%.

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KCB, MasterCard Deal Sets Pace for Payments in East Africa

KCB, MasterCard have signed a five-year strategic collaboration framework that will see cardholders across East Africa benefit from enhanced value propositions.

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Schneider Electric™ Kenya has appointed Ifeanyi Odoh as its...

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Safaricom Reveals Strategic Secrets at Ethiopia Investor Day

Safaricom PLC on Saturday 22nd Feb 2023 held its second investor day in Addis Ababa, providing an opportunity for the investment community to gain insights into the company's achievements and future plans as well as see the progress so far in Ethiopia rollout.