Applicants registering for the Tuskys Internship programme. Fraudsters have created a Pay Bill Number to con unsuspecting job seekers.

Crafty con artists have set up a website and Safaricom Pay Bill Number to defraud unsuspecting job seekers.

According to an advert on the site,, the retail chain is seeking to recruit new employees to work at existing supermarkets and those it plans to open in Nairobi and other towns beginning next month in various towns. They would work as cleaners and guards, technicians, receptionists, store keepers & bakery books, distributors and marketers, drivers and messengers, accountants, warehouse supervisors, merchandisers and fleet mechanics.

The deadline for applications is indicated as November 6 with interviews taking place between November 7 and 9. They would then attend an assessment health test.

However, Tuskys has flagged the KCB Bank Paybill Number 5225224, A/c number 1215836899  to which applicants are supposed to pay a mandatory registration fee of Ksh 300, saying it does not belong to it.  Safaricom promised to investigate.

With the high level of unemployment in the country, it is easy for desperate job seekers to fall for such tricks.

About five years ago, several University of Nairobi were conning after they were tricked to part with Ksh 1,500 as “registration fee” with a promise they would secure jobs on offer by an NGO, the Youth in Kenya Initiatives.



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