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Tuskys Director Stephen Mukuha Passes Away in Nairobi

In 2016, he alongside his brother Gachwe Sammy Gatei who also holds a 17.5% stake was charged with theft of Ksh1.64 billion from Tuskys amid a family feud for control of the firm. The matter was, however, settled.

Tuskys’ Iconic CBD Branch Set for Auction

The auction makes prospects of the chain's come-back less likely. It notably comes amid a push by many of Tuskys' creditors to have the chain liquidated to recover their debts.

Fed Up Tuskys Employees Pay Themselves From Cash Tills

Senior employees such as branch managers are leading the charge by paying themselves while dipping into the inventory and walking away with as much as they can amass

Tuskys Siblings Scoff at Resuscitation Plan, Keen on Disposing of Their Stake

Yusuf Mugweru and his other sibling want to sell their stake to the offshore investor or any other buyer who shows concrete interest

Tuskys Looking to Offload Stake to Pay Suppliers

The retail chain is seeking to sell its stake to a consortium comprising of a private equity firm and an international retailer for an undisclosed fee

Tuskys Barred From Paying Directors, Expanding Without Regulator Approval

The retailer's management now under close watch by CAK. Not a single coin will be paid to directors before the interests of suppliers are considered

Tuskys, Sibling Supermarket To Close at 7 pm to Obey Curfew Order

Retail chain is now going big on deliveries with customers in quarantine now choosing to order

Tuskys Names Two New Managers to Drive Growth

he appointments are earmarked to enhance Tusker Mattresses' strategic human capital base with the two chief officers set to be tasked with driving the firm’s Information Technology and Marketing portfolios

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