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Top Weekend destinations you can’t miss

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It has been a tedious week and nothing can help you blow off steam than a well planned weekend. Sleeping through it all cannot be an option when there are destinations you cannot afford to miss.

Well, you might say you literally cannot afford to go but it doesn’t hurt to pull a few coins from your savings and have a weekend like no other. Having a good weekend does not tie to partying only. You can have an exciting, fun-filled weekend that also educates with actually less money than you would have used in a night club.

From rib-cracking comedy evenings to artists performances, we look at some of the top weekend destinations you can’t afford to miss.

Comedy Queens With Teacher Wanjiku

The lost mother of comedy is back with a spectacular. The former Churchill show comedian has been missing in action for far too long and you can guess that she has been preparing for something spectacular.

Teacher Wanjiku alongside top Kenyan female comedians brings you the Comedy Queens comedy show at the KICC Tsavo Ballroom on Friday from 6 pm till late. If you have missed Teacher Wanjiku from the comedy scene you should actually be on your way to KICC right now. With regular tickets going for Ksh 1000 and Ksh 2,000 for VIP, the comedy Queens are here to entertain you.

Teacher Wanjiku has said that the show is a treat for men who are back from the Men’s Conference. It’s going to be a boys’ night out at KICC. You can’t afford to miss this.

The host has not revealed all the female comedians that will headline the show except for Mwende, Nasra, Pasha, Cartoon, and Tindo.

Kajiado Rally

Organised by the Kenya National Rally Championship, the motorsport event will produce a car racing spectacle like no other in the all-weather roads of Kajiado. Come witness as more than 20 crews take on each other in a battle of men with machines.

This event, scheduled for Sunday 3rd March, is highly recommended for car enthusiasts as they are bound to witness skillful driving and exceptional car engines designed for the sole purpose of racing. It is the place you get a closer view of the fast-paced rally action.

The most amazing thing about this event is that it is absolutely free. The track is very long and no one will restrict you from watching the rally at any point of the course. Come enjoy a hot scrumptious, bush-style meal and cold water while networking and enjoying the outdoors.

Nairobi National Park Weekly Tour

Which chance would you ever get to visit the only National Park located in a city? Nairobi has been called the ‘Green City under the sun’ because of having a National Park within it. We boast daily on how Kenya is magical but have we witnessed how magical Kenya is?

Visit the Nairobi National Park this weekend for the weekly tours around the park. Enjoy a dry and wet climate with a rare experience of watching Kenya’s wildlife. The park is home to animals such as lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos, among others.

The good thing about this is that the tours are weekly and if you had already made plans for this week, you can totally come back next weekend or the other weekend. You actually have the whole year to make a date with Nairobi National Park.

Weekends are there to help you blow some steam and get out of the daily work routines. In all things you do, just do not spend the entire weekend in bed. It is okay to sleep but it’s not to overdo it.

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