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Disgruntled Media Workers Scheme To Have CEO Kicked Out

Mediamax Networks Ltd employees have written a long letter to the board of directors, revealing negative details about the company’s CEO they hope will convince the board to replace him.

How Kenyan Media Houses Will Vote In 2022 Election

Kenyan media houses are once again spotlighting the political campaigns ahead of the 9th August general elections, with every day bringing its own news and drama. In their coverage, you can easily tell which political persuasion each media house is favouring.

Carol Radull Leaves Radio Africa, Mocks Her Job Saying She Is Not a Fan Of ‘Pushing Papers’

Insiders at Radio Africa have told Business Today that Ms Radull may have been among a number of employees whose contracts expired at the end of July but were not renewed. The company two years ago changed the terms of employment for majority of its staff from permanent to contracts, as away to deal ease out some of the highly paid employees.

Newest Radio Station Faces Legal Hurdles on Branding

Radio Africa Group risk being used by Europe’s biggest commercial radio company, Global, for copyright infringement.

Kamene Goro turns to gigs as injunction hangs over her head

Unable to join Kiss FM due to an injunction filed by her former employer, former NRG Radio breakfast show host Kamene Goro has turned to mceeing and other entertainment gigs to eke a living. Kamene and her co-host Andrew Kibe were sued by their former...

Radio Africa ownership shifts as major shareholder exits

A South African media firm that holds majority shareholding in Kenya's Radio Africa Group has sold its media entities in an effort to relieve itself of debt. The sale by Tiso Blackstar Group, which also owns media in Ghana, Nigeria but largely in South Africa,...