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Carol Radull Leaves Radio Africa, Mocks Her Job Saying She Is Not a Fan Of ‘Pushing Papers’

End of an era at Radio Africa Group for one of Kenya's most admired female sports journalists

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Sports fanatic and radio presenter Carol Radull has left Radio Africa Group Ltd after two decades of service and is set to join a different broadcasting media house. Ms Radull, known for her grasp of sports issues and knack for debate and analysis of matters sports, wrote an emotional farewell on social media, revealing some finer details about her career at Radio Africa Group.

“31st July 2021 marks the end of a 21-year relationship,” said Ms Radull, who has been working for Bamba Sports, a subsidiary of RAL focusing on coverage and monetization of it sports resources.

Insiders at Radio Africa have told Business Today that Ms Radull may have been among a number of employees whose contracts expired at the end of July but were not renewed. The company two years ago changed the terms of employment for majority of its staff from permanent to contracts, as away to deal ease out some of the highly paid employees.

Ms Radull rose through the ranks since joining Radio Africa Group on the 8th of August 2000 as a news reporter and soon afterwards being promoted to head of news at Kiss 100.

In a way, Ms Radull also appears to have been frustrated after being stripped of radio studio work to concentrate on her backend managerial job for almost one and a half years. The media personality who’s a strong Arsenal fan, used to host the Score Kenya, a sports show on Kiss 100 every Saturday afternoon.

Being a media personality thrives on publicity built around her studio presence and presentation, Ms Radull found herself struggling in dark and quite world of general business planning and writing memos, which is often lonely and without the adrenalin and fun that radio presentation brings.

“While I respect all the opportunities I got at Radio Africa, most of them management opportunities, I never believed I was designed to push papers and write reports. Being on radio was and still is my first… no, second love after the Theatre,” she said in her post, surprisingly mocking a job she has done for many years. “I haven’t been on radio for a year and a half for reasons I choose not to share but in two weeks times I will be back on your airwaves; with the “Great Roy” (@RoyKaruhize) and @KieniGithinji to continue to push the sport agenda.”

So when she has found a chance to hit the airwaves again she jumped onto the opportunity to reconnect with her fans. While her social media profiles have been active as ever with ports content, she needs a studio presence to create a conversation around herself and her sports content. She has kept her new destination secret but exit and perhaps entry into a new space come just before the kickoff the English Premier League which is one of her pet subjects of discussion and teasing.

Carol Radull
Ms Carol Radull is also the founder and CEO of Jaza Stadi, an initiative working towards bridging the gap between sports enthusiasts & sporting events.

Ms Radull has risen through the ranks of the media industry establishing herself as a sports fanatic.  She is one of the best sports journalists in the country and her love and deep understanding of sports is admirable.

In 2008, Ms Radull says, she led the team that launched Radio Jambo, becoming the station’s first programme controller. “I pride myself in hiring @gidiogidi (who had no belief in himself as a presenter and accused me of “removing me from my PLUSH job at UNEP as an IT exec ‘for this’! @ghost_Mulee (who questioned me during his job interview whether he could really be a radio presenter hehe) @mwololobramwell, @fredarocho who I scouted while he was being a hooligan at Nyayo Stadium (forgive me guys) and many others, and together we built an amazing brand.”

Ms Carol Radull is also the founder and CEO of Jaza Stadi, an initiative working towards bridging the gap between sports enthusiasts & sporting events, fusing sports with entertainment on match day. The aim is to change the fans perception about the Kenyan sport industry and improve stadium attendance.

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Before joining Radio Africa, she was the head East Africa producer for BBC World Service between July 1997 – April 1999 and Reuters. In 2012 she says she launched the (Radio Africa Group Ltd (RAL) digital department, including @mpashogram “an exciting project back then but it wasn’t exactly my cuppa tea ”.

When in 2016 Bamba Sport was launched, Ms Radull says she hired talent like @IdaWaringa and @MukamiWambora – both of who had never been on TV but who have turned out to be sports broadcasting stars!

Before she joined RAL she says she co-hosted a sports show with Maina Kageni (now with Classic 105). “Somewhere along the way (May 2006) I accidentally found myself hosting a Saturday sports show with @MainawaKageni. After MK ran away, I was joined by @RoyKaruhize and @KieniGithinji.

She concludes on a more positive and reconciliatory note. “To my RAL family; I want to say Thank you. It’s been an amazing ride. Patrick Quarcoo; you are a strange super genius and I will respect you forever. You gave me support and opportunities that many Kenyans only dream of. I will be forever grateful. To sports fans; see you on the other side.

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