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Photographers Get New Platform To Monetize Their Skills

Photographers across the African continent have a new platform where they will be able to monetize their skills and take ownership of their visual storytelling in the region. Africa has over the years lacked authoritative imagery at the international stock community due to lack...

Kenyans Among Winners of Wild Photography Contest

Safal Group Chief Executive Officer Anders Lindgren said while the competition highlighted the impact of water conservation.

7 Christmas Business Ideas You Can Start Planning For Now

It is two months to Christmas and it is enticing to know that you can make through the season.

Best Small Business Ideas for University Students

Many college and university students often struggle through their education due to financial challenges. Thanks to the high cost of living, students cannot afford basic necessities and some even drop out due to lack of fees. Matters are not helped by the peer pressure they...

University student turns hobby into business

Moses Lutomia, a Bachelor of Education student, earns Ksh 18,000 per month, money he uses to pay rent and buy food and clothes for himself

Street lovers get a real makeover

On Valentine's Day photographer Johnson Muchiri, clearly in the mood of love, approached street urchin, Sammy "Blackie" and asked him about his love life and a smiling Sammy said he is actually in love with someone special