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Manufacturers Can Reap Big From Increased connectivity

Digital transformation is no longer just an option; it is necessary for businesses across industries to remain competitive and relevant.

China’s Economy Soaring Based On Sound Fundamentals

On its continuing journey to become the world’s largest economy, China has set strategic goals to develop into a manufacturing powerhouse from 2021 to 2025 based on greater innovation and vitality. This is the message sent out by the country’s Ministry of Industry and...

For Businesses, Rising From Covid-19 Slowdown Hinges on Cashflow

The study also showed that the size of an organization also played a vital role in determining its ability to survive the pandemic.

Kenya Ranks Among Bottom 40 in Industrial Performance Index

Kenya Ranks lower than other competitor African countries but high compared to its East African counterparts

Eight Economies Hardest Hit by Coronavirus Pandemic

Based on the impact on other economies, coronavirus may have a 10.0% to 25.0% impact on GDP growth for the year 2020.

In Coronavirus Pandemic, a Golden Opportunity for Kenyans

The Coronavirus will have a lasting impact on economies in both the short and long run. Whether the impact is positive or negative will be based on the actions that we take now. Our actions will make or break the Kenyan economy and the...