An Uber taxi driver in Nairobi.

Premier home care products manufacturer, SC Johnson is partnering with ride sharing company Uber to drive the uptake of its flagship air freshener brand Glade in a move that is designed to grow its slice of the fast growing local car scents market.

In the new relationship, 4,000 Uber drivers will place various Glade scents within their vehicles in a move that is also designed to explore passenger tastes. Uber drivers in Nairobi and Mombasa will all have their vehicles fitted with Glade car air fresheners.

SC Johnson Country Manager for East Africa Anthony Mulinge said in a statement that the firm was using the campaign to also educate passengers and consumers about different scents and their applications.

SC Johnson is banking on the ride scenting as a unique feature that will gain its flagship air freshener brand a strong foothold in the higher rungs of the highly competitive sub-sector to grow its competitive edge.

Kenya’s air freshener market has been growing exponentially primarily driven by increasing car ownership and adoption of scenting as a feature in homes.

 “Air fresheners are generally designed to eliminate or mask bad odors and add fragrance or freshness to the home and vehicle environment. Even though they are primarily functional products, we see a great opportunity in growing the areas of use and appreciation as a great addition for personal and commercial spaces,” Mulinge explained.

While sprays and aerosols continue to dominate the market for air fresheners, SC Johnson is confident that the car scents sub category will support its overall growth plans. Mulinge added that the drive with Uber is expected to contribute to the firm’s overall aim to grow its air freshener market share by 15 per cent over the next six months.

SC Johnson air freshener range comprises of aerosols and gels with the former taking a larger share of the market than the latter. The firm intends to grow both sub categories as it leverages on Kenyans’ rising incomes and expanding tastes for scented spaces.



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