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How to retain millennials at the work place

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Millennials, defined as people born between 1980-2000, make up of an estimated 45 percent work force in Kenya and the largest in the world.

It has been projected that by 2030, 75 percent of the employees in the world will be millennials, also known as Generation Y.

However, millennials have been described as lazy, entitled and narcissistic with more demands at work places and are less happy.

This can be attributed to the fact that most millennials cannot stay in a work place that is uncomfortable, hence they tend to job-hop.

Most millennials are not satisfied with their work environment and culture, with half of them starting their own companies in a duration of a year or so.

Generation Y are nonetheless increasingly important in work places in this Information Age.

Born and raised in the era where: technology has evolved tremendously, taught to use their voice and speak up, exposed to information than any generation, have entrepreneurial spirit and changed the world to a global village, they are the present and future in the digital world.

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It is, therefore, necessary for organizations to accommodate, promote and maintain a work culture in organizations that allows them to prosper.

Speaking to millennials in various organizations, our writer sampled what Gen-Y need and want in order to keep working in the same work place for years.

1. Provide Flexibility

Millennials will prefer an organization that can help them balance their professional life and personal lives.

The tradition 9-5 working hours done by Generation X (1965-1979) has been deemed as restrictive my millennials.

“What matter to me most about my job is finishing the responsibilities assigned to me and hitting my target. This way I can create time to do other things that are also beneficial to my well-being,” echoes  Oscar Miruni a financial advisor.

“I need also to spend time with my young family and build a quality life,” he adds.

With entrepreneurial mindset, the organization need to feed these interests by engaging the millennials in training programs as it gives them an opportunity to shape the future of the organization.

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2. Diversity and Inclusion

According to Mike Oduor, a construction Health and Safety Officer, having more gender balance in making decision on their projects is critical as it opens a new window of different perspective.

“When we collaborate with each other, we learn new ideas and brain storm on how we can expand certain project it and make it better. This is gives everyone a chance to show their creativeness in thinking and problem solving,” says Mr Odour.

He further says, racial discrimination is doing more harm than the intended perspective of diversity in the work place.

“Different cultures gives ways to how we can go about a project, but using that to undermine other workers can easily led to us job-hoping as millennials we value a creative and friendly environment,” he says.

3. Tools

Millennials are digital natives, therefore, data technology is of great essence in executing their day-to-day activities.

The use of right technology increases the productivity when the tools are used. However, use of out-dated devices can create stress and anxiety to the worker as it can be time consuming.

“It is important that organizations enables us access the latest hardwares and softwares in the market as it will make it easier and faster for us to perform duties efficiently and effectively,” says Harrison Kiplangat.

He adds that, the way millennials communicate in a different way thanks to technology evolution that keeps happening with a new dawn.

“I can be in another location but my devices at hand can enable me attend meetings without being their physically. Consequently, I can do my job and deliver to who ever is in charge without personal contact,” says Kiplangat.

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4. Attractive Perks

Millennials will be drawn into an organization that caters for their needs, professionally and personally.

“I want to know what is there for me as a profession and my family. I cannot commit myself to an organization that seems to be only benefiting from me and I only get salary at the end of the month,” explains Kevin kimotho, 25.

The perks millennials look for in a job include, Medical cover, leave days, bonuses and group recreation activities.

“This will boost my morale of working and performing as I will be happy and contend that I can’t worrying about small issues that may hinder my performance,” he adds.

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Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde is reporter with Business Today. Email: [email protected]
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