Growing need for stress relief is fueling demand for local tourism and hospitality industry players to capitalise heavily in wellness tourism, a concept which has lately been on an astounding growth trajectory in the country.

Local chain of hotels, PrideInn has invested in a multimillion wellness facility christened “Bamboo SPA”  at PrideInn Paradise Beach resort to tap into local and international wellness tourists especially those coming for business meetings and conferences.

A key factor driving the local and global wellness tourism market in the region is the rise in disposable incomes, owing to rapid growth of economies. Higher income levels have also shifted the trend toward increased discretionary spending, particularly on wellness goods and services.

“The influence of wellness has become a new reality due to long or extraordinary working hours and the upward trend of unusual work schedules like in the evenings at night or weekend. Add the spread of a more globalized economy, and you have the perfect recipe for a considerably strained workforce and their families,” said Hasnain Noorani, MD for PrideInn Group of Hotels.

Health and wellness tourism has been identified as one of the fastest growing travel segments, and the most lucrative prompting local hotels fighting to capture market share. According to 2018 Global Wellness Tourism Economy report, International wellness tourists on average spent US$1,528 per trip, 53% more than the typical international tourist. Domestic wellness tourists spend US$ 609 per trip, 178% more than average domestic tourist.

PrideInn on its part is targeting domestic tourists, foreigners, conference visitors who need to relax their body and soul after a long flight and busy day in meetings.

“It used to be good food that created the buzz that lured travelers to all sorts of destinations, now, wellness is taking over as travelers seek out healthier, more active vacations. Wellness is a topic on a lot of people’s minds,” added Noorani.

Traveling for wellness has become its own remarkable niche within the tourism industry, roughly 6% of all tourism. The Principality, with its reputation for on-trend luxury hotspots, is no stranger to this booming vein of the tourism industry and is on track to become a standout destination for the luxury-oriented well-being seeking travelers.

Wellness tourism represents the intersection of two booming mega-industries – wellness and travel. Wellness travel is one of the fastest growing forms of tourism.  A multi-billion-dollar industry on the rise, wellness is driven by an intense interest in quality of life. Wellness vacations are used to gain peace of mind, reclaim work/life balance and jumpstart a healthier, happier and more fulfilling way of living.

Wellness tourism niche encompasses 15% of global travel, second to cultural tourism. It is also lucrative, as wellness travelers spend 130 percent more than the average traveler.

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The 2016 Virtuoso Luxe Report identified the most sought-after wellness aspects as massages and other treatments, healthy cuisine, fitness classes, environmental beauty, and sports activities.



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