Polycarp Igathe returns to Equity as the Chief Commercial Officer. www.businesstoday.co.ke
Polycarp Igathe returns to Equity as the Chief Commercial Officer. Photo/ Kenyan Wall Street

Just days after resigning his position at Vivo Energy, Polycarp Igathe has returned to Equity Bank as the Chief Commercial Officer.

This new appointment indeed proves that Igathe could be the luckiest employee in Kenya. The guy has been literally jumping from one top job to another. Igathe’s resignation from Vivo Energy had everyone convinced that he was coming to assume Nairobi Governor’s office.

Prior to his position at Vivo Energy, Igathe was Mike Sonko’s deputy governor but he resigned the position. Mike Sonko never appointed Igathe’s replacement and was forced to hand over the county to the national government after he was barred from office.

Igathe’s resignation at Vivo energy had many Kenyans convinced that he was coming back to take his previous position at the county and hence automatically become the governor.

Prior to his tenure at City Hall, Igathe was the Managing Director of Equity Bank (Kenya) Limited and also doubled up as the Chief Commercial Officer. According to Igathe, his heart as always been at Equity despite juggling other jobs.

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“I left part of my heart in Equity because I saw the immense potential it holds to transform Africa,” Igathe said.

“Indeed, financial services are at the heart of any social economic transformation. I have made a conscious decision to resume my role at Equity and continue what I started. I am glad that the board has given me another chance,” he added.

In his part, Managing Director and CEO Equity Group Holdings James Mwangi welcomed Polycarp back to Equity saying it is the company’s culture to keep long-lasting relationships.

“A strong part of our Equity culture is keeping lasting relationships with our Equity family of staff and customers. They are always free to return to the family and bring new experiences,” he said, “Once a member, always a member. Polycarp will champion the Commercial function across the Group, subject to approval from the Central Bank of Kenya.”

Igathe is expected to drive the transformational agenda of empowering individual and business members in their pursuit of wealth creation by championing an integrated approach to financial services provision.

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