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Here is Why You Should Consider Satellite Towns on Kangundo Road for Your Retirement Home

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Satellite towns along Kangundo Road are growing immensely. Land in the region has become ideal for settlement, with a number of social amenities, commercial hubs, and recreational facilities sprouting throughout.

Whether you are building your first home or a retirement home, these quintessential satellite towns along Kangundo Road – plots for sale in Kamulu, plots for sale in Joska, and plots for sale in Malaa – are ideal for settling.

1. Availability of affordable land

It is very easy to acquire a piece of land in this location with a number of established real estate companies such as Fanaka Real estate offering an array of affordable options from residential, commercial, and even speculative purposes.

Settling in this location has become much cheaper since you can get affordable land, proper documentation and cheap construction materials including sand, ballast and blocks among others.

2. Cheap and readily available construction material

Building materials are easily accessible with a number of suppliers lining the roads. Most of these suppliers also offer deliveries, drastically reducing the cost of construction and the time it takes to have the materials delivered.

3. Fertile soils for agricultural use

Agriculture is always an ideal venture for retirees and other investors. As such, satellite towns like Kamulu and Joska are archetypal for both farming and zero-grazing.  The area has black cotton and red loam soils, which are suitable for crop growing and vegetables.

Since zero-grazing does not need plenty of land, it can easily be carried out at your home. With the growing number of people settling in the location, the town provides a ready market for agricultural produce.

4. Close proximity to Nairobi CBD

Kamulu is an upcoming town along Kangundo Road, located 28 kilometers from the Nairobi CBD. Kamulu is the next town after Ruai town. Parcels of land in this location are quite affordable, with a 50ft by 100ft piece ranging from Ksh1.1 million to 2.5 million. The town is more residential, hence making it suitable for settling.

Whether you are building your first home or a retirement home, these quintessential satellite towns along Kangundo Road are ideal.

Joska, on the other hand, is the third town from the eastern bypass junction, which comes after Kamulu. The town has experienced enormous growth in the recent past. The location is highly suitable for settling and building your retirement home.

With upcoming projects of astronomical proportions, the location is perfect for business and as the population grows Kangundo Road promises even more opportunities.

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