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One on One: Education Consultant Reveals Steps to Studying in Ireland as Kenyan

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Of late, many Kenyans are moving from Kenya to other countries – one of them is Ireland – and they are moving especially for studies and work.

Last week, I had an opportunity to sit with Hezron Kipteyo of the Pears Education Consultants, who offered to give expert advice and insights for all who going to Ireland is still a dream:

It was an interview Mr Kipteyo, a professional education consultant himself, insisted we have casually at his office on the third floor of Rehema Complex, Eldoret, where he does his things – sending these hopeful and wilful Kenyans to Ireland and other abroad countries – and he has sent many; helping with admission application, career counselling, visa application and all.

I got along with him just fine, and so I began asking;

Say I am naive. Where do I start if I want to go to Ireland from Kenya?

Mr Kipteyo: When you say you want to go to Ireland, we are assuming you know where Ireland is because we mostly send people to Northern Ireland, which is part of the larger United Kingdom because there is the Republic of Ireland, which is a sovereign country and an island in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The second is, what is your intent? And because you said it is studying, as a Kenyan, it is better you make your application with a study abroad agency like us as it will be easier and faster, hence time-saving. For example, we will tell you all the documents required before applying for studies, so I can say that the first step is coming to people like us for advice, guidance and counselling.

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Okay, and then?

Mr Kipteyo: When one comes here, we sit with them, like we are doing now, and then we assess, professionally, their interests, abilities, values and strengths to deduce what they really love to do or want to do to help them make informed educational and career choices.

All that is in respect to the admission intakes available in Ireland universities, which are primarily the Autumn Intake, beginning early September and ending in December, and the Spring Intake, which starts in late January and lasts until May.

Also, the courses available at those universities and admission openings for international students such as Kenyans. The good thing is most of these universities welcome all, and these students can go and pursue computer science or information technology, business, engineering, film and media, hospitality, tourism and many others.

How do you apply for Ireland universities from Kenya?

Mr Kipteyo: Quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities attract many to study in Ireland, and they ultimately end up working there because that country is far more developed and ahead than Kenya, even how they remunerate fresh graduates.

Many students from Kenya are currently studying at undergraduate and graduate levels in some of Ireland’s top universities like University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, University of Limerick, University College Cork and Maynooth University, among many others.

If you wish to join any of these universities and are from Kenya, after getting to know what you want to do after we give you career counselling and industry information about jobs there, you are ready for application.

You’ll need;

1. KCSE results/Certificate/Passport or ID/Birth certificate
2. Highest academic qualifications – Degree/Diploma
3. Academic transcripts
4. School leaving certificate
5. IELTS English Language certification
6. Updated CV
7. Statement of Purpose

And is KCSE grade for university entry in Kenya same as in Ireland?

Mr Kipteyo: Yes. Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to join the universities in Ireland for studies.

For that matter, those who scored a mean grade of C+ in their KCSE examination are eligible to apply for degree courses in Ireland, and those with degrees can go and pursue a master’s degree.

In cases where there are gaps in the number of years you used to study from primary school to secondary school to your current level of studies, you must explain by submitting a recommendation letter or other certificates as it may be needed.

Okay, now summarize all the steps to Ireland study as a Kenyan…

Mr Kipteyo: Okay, assuming you have the knowledge of all the required documents (as stated above) and know what you want to go and study in Ireland, we start with a university search. That is finding the right university per your chosen or desired course based on your preference or costs.

After that, we apply to that university, and after a while, if they have an opening for international students, they will send an offer letter. When you get that, you must meet the conditions stipulated there, if any, if you ever want to get admission. That may include payment of fees, etc.

Next is telling your story about who you are and why you think you deserve to be a part of that university in Ireland in a written document referred to as a Statement of Purpose (SOP); write it well because it influences the outcome of your study application.

Then, together with bank statements, submit all the documents as required at this step to the university and expect a response in 1-2 weeks. If successful, you will get a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), as approval to head to visa application, one of the final stages, and then fly away to Ireland for studies.

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How much does it cost to go and study in Ireland from Kenya?

Mr Kipteyo: In Ireland, public universities charge an annual tuition fee ranging from €9,000 to €22,000, while most private universities charge between €10,000 to €45,000, based on the program and duration of studies, meaning that if you are from Kenya, you will pay above Ksh1.4 million to get admitted and study there.

Kenyan students should also know that school fees should be cleared before immigrating and that the quoted amount is not the total cost of moving to Ireland from Kenya: You will spend money to get a passport, about Ksh7,000, in taking medical tests, about Ksh20,000, to get your biometrics taken, around Ksh50,000, IELTS fees will also consume close to that amount, there is insurance and you will also need to pay agency fees and for visa processing and air ticket.

In total, prepare about Ksh2 to 3 million to cater for the entire immigration process to study in Ireland. However, one can cut these costs by looking for cheaper universities because there are few that charge international students as low as €3,000 per annum.

Basically, that is all you need to know, really. There is more we can discuss in days to come. I am available for free consultation and information regarding moving from Kenya to Ireland and other countries for studies. Anyone can call or text me at 0700 318941, or they can visit us at Pears Education Consultants in Eldoret for expert advice, guidance and application.

I enjoyed the interview. Thanks!

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