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Naivas Seduces Shoppers with Sh170m Investment

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Naivas retail chain is set to invest at least Kshs 170 million in expanding its customer loyalty program to mark a decade since it was established.

The Naivas Loyalty card, the first one of its kind innovations in retail stores was introduced to its customer base while the chain was in its developing stages.

The loyalty card is used by customers overtime they shop to accumulate loyalty points which can intern be redeemed for cash to purchase products at its various stores countrywide.

Naivas Chief Commercial Officer Willy Kimani said that the reward card was an important element in the retail business as it provided the firm with a database of customers with which it is able to engage and communicate directly.

“We consider the Naivas Reward Card a saving tool for customers with which they can diligently put aside sufficient points to acquire products or groceries on a rainy day,” said Kimani.

“As part of the strategy to ramp up its versatility, the firm will be investing Ksh 170 million over the next three years,” he noted.

In the celebration of marking a decade of reward card, Naivas customers will be awarded double points when shopping in its chains during the census period.

It has further been revealed the retail chain is in advance stages with local commercial banks and global payment platform provider Visa to build its utility range in a bid to deliver additional value to its customer base.

“We are working with our banking and payment partners to empower our nearly 1.2 million Naivas Reward Cardholders such that they can comfortably redeem their points at a wider variety of outlets as well as pre-load it with funds to spend at their own convenience,” said Kimani.

He noted that as part of the tenth-anniversary celebrations, Naivas would be carrying out a series of consumer promotions geared at rewarding the cardholders.

How to get Naivas Loyalty Card

1. Walk into any Naivas Supermarket in the country.

2. Present your National Identification Number (ID) or Passport at the Customer Service Desk.

3. The customer service officer will activate your reward card and proceed to shop.

4. Every Ksh100 purchase awards one point


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Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde is reporter with Business Today. Email: [email protected]
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  1. I am sure I have spent over 100k on purchases at naivas on this new card after I lost my first card without even redeeming the points. According to Naivas logic, that should be equal to over 1000 points. They just keep telling us how to get the reward card. When it comes to redemption of those points, it’s just a hectic process. With no logical merit! Or must you spent millions over there to redeem the points?? Bure tu!! Card inanijazia wallet!

  2. Compliments,
    Gratitude with enthusiasm towards the provision of reward cards to your esteemed customers.

    In as much, this will enhance comfortable
    zones and the best Stella magnificent services to customers ever: in a global services for the Naivas visa card.
    Best regards.


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